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You can’t afford to make mistakes when setting up your network. Rest assured that ProCom will install your data network wiring correctly. We’ve been doing this for Portland, OR-area clients for years. All of our network wiring technicians are licensed, trained and reliable. Everyone on our staff has to complete continuing education programs, and we always stay up-to-date on NEC codes. We'll make sure your system meets Oregon or Washington requirements.

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Create a future-proof network

Create a future-proof network

Before scheduling data network wiring services, it’s crucial to consider your existing and future networking needs. Use these questions to ensure that you won’t overlook a single detail:

  • What’s your structured network wiring installation and testing budget?
  • Do you plan to relocate to a new office suite, floor or building soon?
  • Based on your growth rate, how much bandwidth will your company need in one, five or ten years?

Don’t hesitate to discuss your needs with an experienced network wiring technician in Portland, OR.